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Ionic VS Metallic Silver
Research Shows Real Truth About Healing Properties!

Ionic vs Metallic Silver

Did you know research demonstrates that the ionic form of silver, and not the metallic/nanosilver form, is what kills pathogens?

There is even an oft-stated claim that the metallic form of silver kills pathogens, while the ionic form is “inert.” The truth is quite the opposite.

Below, you’ll read about two key studies, plus links to even more research, that found it’s the silver ions being shed from the metallic silver particles that slaughter the microbes.

Here’s the story you won’t read anywhere else!

Hi, Steve Barwick here, for The Silver Edge…

We’ve seen several articles on the internet claiming that the metallic form of colloidal silver is the only effective antimicrobial form and that the ionic form of colloidal silver is not effective at all against pathogens.

Of course, we’ve debunked that oft-repeated notion numerous times over the past few decades, and have demonstrated that the truth is quite the opposite of these erroneous assertions.

We have published tons of clinical documentation and quotes from bonafide clinical research experts to demonstrate just how false the notion is.

More on that below, but first…let’s read about the first key study.

Study From Two Universities Proves
Ionic Silver (Not Metallic) Kills Pathogens

Here’s a clinical study from two different medical universities in Taiwan that found metallic silver – the stuff often erroneously called “true colloidal silver” – does NOT kill pathogens on its own.

See the study here:

The Antimicrobial Properties of Silver Nanoparticles in Bacillus subtilis are Mediated by Released Ag+ Ions

For this study, they first exposed pathogens to metallic silver nanoparticles – i.e., very small submicroscopic particles of metallic silver – and waited until the pathogens died.

That’s where most researchers generally stop and conclude that particles of metallic nanosilver kill pathogens.

But this intrepid group of researchers decided to take the time to examine the silver inside of the pathogens and determine what kind of silver it was.

Their hope was to determine whether the metallic nanosilver itself was the antimicrobial agent, or whether the metallic nanosilver was merely shedding silver ions in order to kill the pathogens.

What the researchers discovered was that there was no metallic nanosilver whatsoever inside the pathogens.

Indeed, the chemical “signature” of raw metallic silver – i.e., Ag0 – could not be found.

Instead, the silver that penetrated and killed the pathogens was composed of silver ions – i.e., Ag+ – which through the process of oxidation had been converted inside the bacteria to Ag2O (silver oxide) after they died.

In other words, the researchers proved what we’ve said all along: Metallic nanosilver is basically inert.

It cannot kill infectious microbes except to the extent that it sheds silver ions in the presence of the microbes, and the silver ions then penetrate the bacterial cell wall and kill the microbe.

Here’s What the Researchers Wrote

Here, in brief, is what the researchers wrote after completing their study (I’ll explain their findings briefly, afterward):

“There is an ongoing debate over whether silver nanoparticles inherently possess toxicity, or if microbial toxicity is dependent on leached Ag+ ions [i.e, silver ions – ED] from nanoparticles.

To clarify this issue, we utilized XANES/EXAFS analysis to assess the fine structure of silver particles present within Bacillus subtilis cells treated with 100 ppm of silver nanoparticles.

This data strongly suggests that in aqueous solutions, silver nanoparticles leach off positively charged silver ions, which subsequently enter bacterial cells and are oxidized to form Ag2O [silver oxide – ED].

If silver nanoparticles entered cells directly, it would have been possible to detect spectra corresponding to the Ag standard.

… this is the first study to directly analyze silver particles present within bacterial cells treated with silver nanoparticles, and the results indicate that positively charged silver ions are primarily responsible for silver nanoparticle microbial toxicity.

our results support the theory that silver nanoparticles exert microbial toxicity through the release of positively charged silver ions that subsequently penetrate into bacterial cells.”

— The Antimicrobial Properties of Silver Nanoparticles in Bacillus subtilis are Mediated by Released Ag+ Ions, PLOS-One, December 15, 2015

This is quite fascinating, of course, because the so-called “true colloidal silver” crowd is always claiming that silver ions become neutralized in the body and therefore cannot kill pathogens and that only metallic nanosilver (aka silver nanoparticles) can penetrate the shell wall of the microbes and kill them.

But this study (along with many older studies we’ve documented on The Silver Edge website) demonstrates conclusively that metallic silver nanoparticles don’t penetrate infectious microbes and kill them, but silver ions being shed by the metallic silver nanoparticles do.

Proper Examination Proves the Point

What makes this study stand out head-and-shoulders above the others is that the researchers actually took the time to examine the silver inside of the dead microbes, and determine what actually killed them.

They used a special form of x-ray analysis called “XANES/EXAFS analysis” to determine what kind of silver would be found inside the dead microbes.

And what they found were silver ions that had penetrated the bacterial shells, killed the bacteria, and then were oxidized, i.e., turning the ionic silver into silver oxide similar to the gray coating you’ll find on the positive silver rod of a colloidal silver generator after making a batch of ionic colloidal silver.

Indeed, the researchers essentially concluded that the metallic nanosilver serves as nothing more than a carrier or reservoir of silver ions.

But it cannot kill the pathogen without shedding those ions. The silver ions are the real assassins.

The metallic nanosilver is merely the vehicle through which the silver ions are delivered to the microbe.

All of this leads me to point out once again that the ionic form of colloidal silver is superior to the metallic nanosilver form because it doesn’t have to be converted from metallic silver to ionic silver inside the human body in order to be effective.

This demonstrates once more that the silver ion (i.e., ionic silver) is the active, infection-fighting form of silver, and that metallic nanosilver can only work against pathogens to the extent it sheds silver ions.

More importantly, it demonstrates that when researchers claim they’ve proven in clinical studies that nanosilver kills pathogens, they’ve never checked to see if the “specie” of silver inside the pathogens is the metallic nanosilver they used in the study, or the silver ions being shed by the nanosilver in the presence of the pathogens.

Instead, they simply assumed it was the metallic nanosilver doing the killing.

The Rice University Study

Researchers at Rice University proved the same thing several years ago.

In this press release, clinical researchers discuss the results of their study titled Negligible Particle-Specific Antibacterial Activity of Silver Nanoparticles,” which was published in the July 5, 2012 issue of the journal Nano Letters.

Quoting directly from the abstract:

“For nearly a decade, researchers have debated the mechanisms by which silver nanoparticles exert toxicity to bacteria and other organisms. The most elusive question has been whether the silver nanoparticles exert direct “particle-specific” effects beyond the known antimicrobial activity of released silver ions (Ag+).

Here, we infer that silver ions are the definitive molecular toxicant.

We rule out direct particle-specific biological effects by showing the lack of toxicity of silver nanoparticles when synthesized and tested under strictly anaerobic conditions that preclude Ag(0) oxidation and Ag+ release.”

In other words, when the researchers took away the ability of the metallic nanosilver to shed silver ions, the metal particles were no longer toxic to bacteria. 

It is only when metallic silver (i.e., nanosilver) is able to shed silver ions that it can kill bacteria.

So the big question is this: Why bother to use metallic nanosilver at all when instead you can simply use the active infection-fighting form of colloidal silver – ionic silver – and kill the pathogens faster and more reliably?

This also puts the lie to the idea that after you make a batch of ionic silver (i.e., electrically generated colloidal silver), you must then heat the water and add special chemicals to it in order to convert the ionic silver into “true colloidal silver,” which is nothing more than metallic silver.

Why on God’s green earth would you do such a thing?

After all, the human body then has to convert the metallic silver BACK into ionic silver in order for it to kill pathogens inside the body.

And guess what that does?

It Slows the Healing Process!

You see, when you drink metallic silver (i.e., so-called “true colloidal silver”) only a tiny fraction of the metallic silver – less than 10% – ever gets converted back to ionic silver inside the body.

The rest goes “in one end, and out the other” as the old saying goes.

It’s like eating dirt. It’s worthless, in terms of healing.

There’s only one reason why metallic silver (aka “true colloidal silver”) works against infections at all, and that’s because after you ingest it, some of the metal silver particles will, upon exposure to acidic bodily fluids inside your body, begin shedding small numbers of silver ions.

So metallic silver does indeed work, thanks to the fact that the body can gradually convert some of the silver metal particles into germ-killing silver ions.

But…it works very, very slowly because the silver particles must first come into contact with acidic bodily fluids and slowly begin to shed silver ions inside the body.

It’s the silver ions that kill the pathogens, so why convert your superior ionic silver into inferior metallic silver?

It’s just plain dumb.

Another Problem: High Silver Loads

But there’s another problem: You have to ingest relatively high amounts of metallic silver into your body so it can throw off enough silver ions to kill pathogens effectively.

After all, only about 10% of the metallic silver you ingest will ever be converted to the superior, ionic form.

That’s why the bottled “true colloidal silver” products found in health food stores are so highly concentrated, often coming in concentrations of 100 ppm, 200 ppm, 500 ppm, or even more.

You see, you have to drink extremely high concentrations of metallic silver for enough silver ions to be shed inside the body to kill pathogens.

But when using pure ionic silver, all you need to ingest is a concentration of 5 or 10 ppm. And the healing is astonishing, as the nearly 1,000 testimonials on the following page (see here) demonstrate.

That’s because ionic silver is the active, infection-fighting form of colloidal silver.

With the ionic form of colloidal silver, you don’t need to drink 100, 200, or even 500 ppm. Because ionic silver is already in the active form that actually kills the microbes, you only need 5-10 ppm.

But to get 5 or 10 ppm ionic silver out of metallic silver, you have to drink those excessively high concentrations.

In other words, it takes huge concentrations between 100 ppm to 500 ppm of metallic silver to get 5-10 ppm of ionic silver into your body, as your body has to convert some of the metal silver particles into ions before being excreted.

So why drink such heavy loads of metallic silver (100 ppm, 200 ppm, 500 ppm) when a mere 5-10 ppm of the ionic form works even faster and better against pathogens?

Again, it’s just plain silly to put such a heavy load of metallic silver on your liver and kidneys, under the misconception that it’s doing you good.

“True Colloidal Silver” Nonsense

It’s astonishing to me that people are still falling for this “true colloidal silver” nonsense.

One colloidal silver manufacturing company started the whole fad, about 15 years ago, as a means of trying to distinguish their brand of colloidal silver from all of the other brands, most of which were ionic.

And as my clinical research friends like to say, that company has enjoyed a 15-year “Reign of Error,” duping colloidal silver users into believing the “true colloidal silver” lie just so they could make money.

So the next time someone tries to tell you that metallic silver works better than ionic silver, let that stand as a warning to you about how silly fads like “true colloidal silver” can overtake people, leading them down rabbit holes they never seem to be able to find their ways out of again, even in the face of mountains of evidence to the contrary.

If a person’s foundational knowledge on a topic is incorrect, then virtually everything else they believe on that topic is incorrect, too.

That’s because, when the foundation is off, everything built on that foundation is off.

But if you start with the medically and clinically proven fact that silver ions are what kill pathogens, and not metallic silver, then you can hardly go wrong.

Look, ionic silver has been the best-selling form of colloidal silver for nearly 100 years – ever since Edison invented electricity and researchers discovered that suspending some silver rods in water and running electricity through them allowed electrically-charged silver ions to be suspended in the water.

And why has ionic silver been the best-selling form of colloidal silver for so long? Because it works best. That’s why.

Again, the silver ion is the active, infection-fighting “specie” of silver. It’s an irrefutable fact. Anything other than ionic silver is inferior.

So why use anything else?

When you make your own colloidal silver with a high-quality colloidal silver generator, you get billions upon billions of pure silver ions – the active, infection-fighting form of colloidal silver.

So the only question you need to be asking yourself at this point is, where can I find a good, high-quality colloidal silver generator?

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